to Tokyo…One hour 30 minutesto Osaka…45 minutes Okayama

Comfortable living and learning!
That is Okayama

Okayama has been ranked number 2 in Japan as a city people want to live in. It is also the sunniest city in Japan with little likelihood of natural disasters, and a great variety of good food. It takes only 1.5 hours by plane to Tokyo and 1 hour by Shinkansen to Osaka.


1st Campus
2nd Campus
1st Campus
2nd Campus


Cheap, Quick, and Delicious!

Delicious meals at IPU’s Cafeteria act to support students in their study

There are plenty of delicious and ?lling meals to choose from.
There are daily and weekly menu changes, so you won’t get tired of eating there everyday!

  • No. 1 Standard meal
    Jumbo Chicken Cutlet Meal

    A must-have at the cafeteria ? supersized and tasty!

  • No. 1 mealfor sports’students No. 1 mealfor sports’students
    Fried Chicken with chili sauce
    Fried Chicken with chili sauce

    One of our daily meals.Simply delicious!

  • No. 1 mealfor femalestudentsNo. 1 mealfor femalestudents
    Rice Omelet

    (ketchup-?avoured friedrice wrapped in eggs) Served with soup


There are dormitories for male students and a dormitory for female students all with single rooms. A free shuttle bus service is available between the dormitories and the campus. A nutritious breakfast and dinner are provided. [Facilities] kitchen, shower room, toilet, washroom, air-conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, closet

  • Male Dormitory

    Location : 5 mins by free shuttle bus from International Pacific University 1st Campus

  • Female Dormitory

    Location : 10 mins by free shuttle bus from International Pacific University 1st Campus