A Primary School Reunion for the International Students


On Sunday, July 7, 2019, a debriefing session and alumni event were held at our affiliated school, Clark Memorial International High School, Umeda Campus.

The alumni attracted a total of 21 former students, including graduates from Vietnam and Thailand, who still remains active across Japan, as well as Japanese graduates who had studied in IPU New Zealand.

At the debriefing session, all the graduates talked about their current work or situation each other. Mr. Nguyễn Tuấn Anh, who currently works for a temporary staffing agency in Okayama Prefecture, showed how strong he has grown in Japanese society by saying that “I want to help international students find jobs through our network!”

International graduate students are working actively in various industries all over Japan, employed in a wide range of fields from interpretation, manufacturing management, office work to service industry.

Social gathering followed the debriefing session, and the alumni and alumnae were talking nostalgically with their former teachers about old school days. For teachers, the day was filled with wonder and joy, seeing how actively their former students are living and working in Japan after graduation.