Career Support

Career Support

Strong Career Support System

Graduates from educational institutions in Soshi Group are finding their future opportunities in various universities and companies with its strong career support system. IPU graduates can take advantage of the same support system for their future career.

Preparing international students for job hunting in Japan

1. Certified career counsellors provide individual advice

2. Career seminars that optimise your employability

3. Job fairs and other meeting opportunities with employers

  • Career seminars
  • Bus tours to job fairs
  • IPU open days for employers
  • Job interview preparations

A job hunting hub in the metropolitan area

IPU Tokyo Career Centre

Staffed with career counsellors, IPU Tokyo Career Centre supports job seekers 24/7

Job hunting bus tours

From Okayama to Tokyo

IPU arranges bus tours for s tudent job s eekers to keep their travel costs down.