Exchange Meetings held at Kurashiki municipal Sono Elementary School.


Kurashiki municipal Sono Elementary School is located in the area damaged by heavy rain in 2018. As part of our support for the affected areas, our 17 international students visited the elementary school and held exchange meetings with all students.
Exchange meetings were held for four times, with 67 first and second grade students in the 1st period, 71 second and third grade students in the 2nd period, 45 fifth grade students in the 3rd period, and 46 sixth grade students in the 4th period. We taught foreign languages, played rock-paper-scissors and games, listened to the children singing songs, and also, we split up into two classrooms and ate lunch together. Exchange meetings took four hours for our international students, but it was fun and the time went by with a lighting speed. It was an unforgettable experience, as the children saw us off, smiling and waving their hands.